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Your Board’s Role in Increasing Fundraising Revenue

If you have a board that’s active and engaged, you know the huge difference they can make for you, especially in increasing fundraising revenue.

Perhaps your board isn’t quite as active or engaged as you might hope. Here are a few tips to help you get them to where you need them to be:

• Jump start their engagement with your staff and assign them tasks based on their individual interests and skill sets.

• Be sure to invite board members to community events or workshops you host. If the only time you ever see them is at board meetings, you’re missing out on a lot of what they may have to offer.

• If you’re having a problem retaining donors, having a board member or two focusing on stewardship and helping donors feel connected can go a long way in making sure that your organization is sustainable.

• The importance of having people on your board who are of different ages, from different backgrounds and with different expertise can’t be overstated.

• Don’t ask your board for help at the last minute—let them know well in advance. Just like you, they’re busy people too. If there is a specific need, project, or time of year, write up the main points for board members to be able to reference when talking with potential supporters.

Remember, your board should play a critical role in your organization’s fundraising success. If it isn’t or doesn’t, now is the time to get them actively engaged and working for you.

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