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Do You or Don’t You?

I’m going to make an assumption that you’re a hard worker. I’m sure that you try to engage your donors and prospects with communications that focus on the impact of each individual’s investment in your mission and that you’re now preparing to reap the benefits of your hard work.

If only it were that easy. Do you agree that keeping your donors loyal, engaged, and giving is a really big challenge? “Keeping” is an interesting word, isn’t it? I’m not simply talking about retention here. Loyalty is what I’m after for you.

When we talk to nonprofits, we ask about donor loyalty—the process of keeping donors invested in and giving to your mission.

The thing about loyalty is that there has to be an emotional connection between your organization and the donor. Implied in this is a donor who is listening, engaging, and motivated to continue to give—again and again.

What I’m advocating for is a donor loyalty program where attention is focused on creating and building relationships through various channels.

The bottom line is that the long-term health of your organization absolutely depends upon building a strong donor loyalty program.

Do you have a written plan in place to keep your current donors happy and engaged? You should. You must! If you don’t, I’ll bet that the result is that you are failing to retain first-time and current donors.. If you’re not sure about this, it’s probably an urgent necessity that you figure out your donor retention rate for both of these donor segments.

You do know about first-time donors, right? Only 19% of them ever give a 2nd gift and it’s the second gift that leads to increased donor loyalty.

If you don’t have a plan in place for retaining donors, Rescigno’s has one for you. Contact Ron at 708-974-2600, x105 or email him at

If you do have one but aren’t sure how effective it is and would like for me to take a complimentary look at it for you, just let me know

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