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Celebrate Your Alumni

There are things your school (you in fundraising) can do right now that will add value to your donors and other constituents. Maybe you just haven't thought about them yet.

Rescigno's would like to help with that.

  • Have you given any thought to making your most popular classes available to your alumni? Even to alumni who haven't been heard from since goodness knows when.

  • How about coming up with a list of health care workers and first responders from your school and celebrating them as the heroes they are?

  • Try simply reaching out to your alums about the good things they are doing right now to fight the virus' spread. Yes, be sure to explain what you are doing, but don't just make it about you. Remember to keep your communications as donor focused as possible.

  • When people respond be sure to engage with them. This engagement will often result in them coming forward with financial support for Future fundraising opportunities.

If you'd like to brainstorm other ideas, give Ron a call or email him at

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