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Five Tips to Maximize the Impact of Your Fundraising Dollars and Bring in More Annual Fund Revenue

At Rescigno’s, we get to see the power of direct mail every day as it helps to build relationships with donors and fund truly important causes. We firmly believe that it has the potential to make a difference in your annual fund campaign.

Here are 5 tips to help you maximize the impact of your fundraising dollars and bring in more revenue for your annual fund:

  1. Begin a marketing campaign before you start your annual fund -Marketing before your annual fund appeals go out is a valuable strategy that serves both immediate and long-term needs. Ensuring that your supporters know about your organization and its mission prior to receiving your communications will help them to recognize your name and make it more likely that they’ll give. Make sure that your message is clear by explaining why your cause exists and that an important appeal is coming soon. In doing so, you’ll be giving your donors an idea of what they are going to support and hopefully drum up excitement when they receive your mailing.

  2. Consider hiring a fundraising consultant like Rescigno’s – If you’re looking to improve your Return On Investment for your annual fund, Rescigno’s provides a unique perspective and level of expertise that can guide you in the right direction, especially if you’re new or short on staff. Whether it’s Rescigno’s or another firm, make sure they discuss with you giving tendencies and help you to understand which names in your database are most likely to donate to your cause.

  3. Emphasize current and repeat donors – One-time gifts from donors are great, but they don’t lead to long-term fundraising success unless they become repeat donors. This is the audience you should be targeting the most. After all, it’s easier and less expensive to retain the donors who already are giving than to be constantly seeking new ones. In the end, it’s repeat donors who have the highest likelihood of giving again. Having said that, however, it’s extremely important that you provide them with a streamlined giving process and effectively communicate the impact their past support has had. The simpler it is to give, coupled with an understanding of impact equals a very potent one-two punch when it comes to current donor loyalty.

  4. Incorporate strategies that are driven by data – Fundraising data allows you to track the performance of your direct mail appeals. Even better, strategies that are data driven are great for segmenting your audience and making the most of each piece of mail you send.

  5. Rescigno’s would love to be your direct mail partner – Direct mail can be very profitable, but it also takes a great deal of time and effort. Working with a partner can be a huge asset when it comes to maximizing gifts and saving you and your staff time. We can help you design, print, and mail your direct mail appeals in addition to consulting on all aspects such as donor retention, acquisition, thank you strategies, creative writing, etc. Grabbing your supporters’ attention is a vital step in the right direction towards receiving gifts for your next appeal.

Effective direct mail strategies have the potential to bring your annual fund to the next level. By increasing your marketing efforts, targeting loyal donors, and using previously collected fundraising data to improve your fundraising , you’ll be ensuring direct mail/annual fund success.

Reach out to us for help if you’re not sure where to start. Whether your need is a consulting and/or direct mail partner, we’re here to help!

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