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Glimpsing a Donor's Heart (and Soul)

Would you agree there is a very strong correlation between religion and giving? Think about that for a moment:

  • Where religion appears more important in a person’s life, there’s a greater likelihood to give, and to give more.

  • And among the above group, direct mail is the primary giving medium.

  • Additionally, age, education, and income correlate directly to giving.

Here at Rescigno’s, we’ve studied these “correlations” for quite some time, especially when it comes to

1- What helps bring in the first gift? Interestingly, it seems to be internet research and not simply research from an organization’s website.

2- What helps bring in the second gift? Three factors to consider here:

*the specific mission of the organization to the donor or prospect;

*impactfully explaining the difference the individual’s gift made; and

*direct information about what the gift accomplished.

3-What it takes to be a “favorite” organization – “Trustworthiness” seems to be the #1 factor—earned as a result of perceived financial efficiency.

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