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Resolve to Make Your Message Matter in 2022

It’s been suggested to me that the messages nonprofits send don’t really help when it comes to retaining donors or, for that matter, when it comes to getting the 2nd gift from a first-time donor.

If you’re a regular visitor to this space you know my feelings. The message does matter.

It’s been proven time and again that certain messages go a very long way when it comes to determining whether a donor decides to continue to support your cause or go in another direction. This being the case, it also follows that other messages don’t lead to more support.

Here are some examples of what I’m referring to:

  • If yours is a clean air organization focused on contaminants like carbon emissions, you should know whether messages that mention the problem, the possible solutions, or how to cope in a constantly changing world work well when it comes to making donor relationships stronger and the likelihood of keeping donors giving longer.

  • What if yours is an organization that works with offering services to AIDS patients and you’re having a difficult time with messaging on the enormity of the problem, the ways you’re trying to address it, and how you portray those who benefit from the work you do?

  • And what if you could know how your messaging impacts financial support and its impact on donor retention compared with other activities like turn-around time on thank you notes or the quality of donor services you provide?

These are questions that are largely dependent on the words and the graphics you use. That’s why I say the message matters. A lot.

What about your messaging? If you’d like for me to do a complimentary critique of your last appeal, send it along to and I’ll let you know how effective I think it is when it comes to building relationships with your donors.

That is the point, right?

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