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Retain Those Covid Donors

Did your organization experience an influx of new donors, both small and large, as a result of Covid? If so, you may already know the big job you have ahead of you. That “job” I refer to is how you will retain them.

By developing a comprehensive strategy, with a goal of retaining 10-15%, you can build a pipeline of major gifts, strengthen current efforts, and discover future board members.

By retaining as many donors as possible who are major gift prospects, you need to have a team trained and skilled in donor retention. Consider the following:

  • Are your major gift officers’ portfolios already too large to manage?

  • Do you have enough new major donor prospects to justify hiring a new major gift officer?

  • Do you have an effective strategy with the right talking points to focus on new donor engagement?

  • Do you fully utilize your database’s potential so that you can have an effective moves management program for new donors?

  • Do you segment donors effectively?

  • Does your team have the tools they need to identify future major gift prospects?

The above bullets are all areas where Rescigno’s can help you build the aforementioned pipeline that leads to true fundraising success.

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