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The Importance of Urgency

If you’re a copywriter for your nonprofit organization, you probably understand that creating a sense of urgency is a very powerful tool that you need to continue to be using to your advantage. Perhaps that’s easier said than done though.

After all, isn’t it just human nature for certain habits that we do every day to become routine even to the point of drudgery? Is that what writing has become for you? Something you have to do but don’t look forward to doing?

Maybe, if you think for just a moment about the flesh and blood people our communications are meant to help, that routineness might be replaced with a new vigor. Consider an elderly person with chronic arthritis who is in severe pain daily, even right at this very moment. Think about a family who can no longer afford to pay its electric bill and could be in the dark tonight or tomorrow. For them, the sense of urgency that you write about is painfully, dare I say, even dangerously, real.

And think about your own life, as I do mine. As human beings we can get so caught up things that we think only of ourselves. Now take that to the level of letter writing.

Have you gotten to the point where creating the perfect letter, meeting deadlines, analyzing results, etc. have caused you to lose sight of how transitory and fragile our lives really are? An accident, an unexpected health emergency, the loss of someone we love, can turn our lives upside down and put everything else on hold.

It’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world to think about your own weaknesses or mortality, is it? But if you can keep things “real” in your personal life you very well may be able to keep them “real” in your writing life. The result should be more honest and compelling writing that inspires donors to want to make a difference through their support of your cause.

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