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The Multi-Media Newsletter

Should a magazine like Time, Rolling Stone, or Fortune still consider itself in the magazine business if an ever-increasing number of its subscribers are viewing the content it produces online? Or should it produce content of all types under its brand there?

This is the kind of question that nonprofits, as well as anyone else who creates or produces branded information, must answer. If you’re just dropping your organization’s print newsletter on your website or emailing it, as is, in a PDF file—maybe you should think again.

This being 2022 and all, your constituents, especially those aged 60 or younger, expect, maybe even demand, a more robust online experience.

There’s little doubt that many of your newsletter articles, when presented online, could be greatly enhanced by links to additional supporting material, like video or audio. For example, have you ever thought of reinforcing your CEO page or article with an audio interview where he or she expands more deeply on a particular topic. That way, you’d be using the power of the medium to bring your CEO to life for your donors and others.

If anyone out there in that wide, wonderful, wacky world of nonprofit fundraising is doing this, I’d love to hear about it.

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