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What’s a Fundraiser to Do?

Fundraisers talk a lot. Admit it. They (you) really do. It goes hand in hand with showing passion for the cause. However, the trick is turning all that talk into action.


I bring this up because I’m just a wee bit tired of having conversations that revolve around phrases like:

  • If only I could…

  • If I had…

  • I’d like to try, but…

  • We have so much untapped potential that…


You could probably add your own words to this list but you get the idea, I’m sure.


With the thought in mind to turn talk into action, I’d like to recommend 6 different Actions you can perform right now:


  1. Master your data.

  2. Make the donor experience a really rewarding one.

  3. When answering questions donors seem most interested in, do so with passion and conviction while providing proof that the donor’s gift did, indeed, make a difference.

  4. Make as strong a case as you possibly can that investing properly in fundraising is essential to revenue growth.

  5. Allocate a substantial percentage of your fundraising resources for testing.

  6. Communicate in such a way as to make the donor experience unforgettable.


If I’ve missed any critical elements, please share your recommendations.

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