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Quick Tip #1

Improve Your Email Open Rates!

Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing “Quick Tips” on how to improve your email open rates!

Once you do all the hard work of collecting, and sometimes paying for, the list of those precious names and email addresses, and you have designed the perfect template for your email, you want to make sure that the largest amount of people possible read your message.

Tip one: The art and craft of the subject line.

  • A well-crafted subject line is the best way to ensure your message gets across. What “calls-to-action” entice YOU to open an email? A relevant, compelling subject line is probably right at the top of your list.

  • Put as much relevant information into your subject lines as you can. For example, if you’re sending out an offer email, a clearly worded subject with both the offer detail and product name can boost open rates.

  • Take a moment to come up with a great subject line instead of just adding it right before you hit “send”.

E.G: Dee Marais: “Uh-Oh, your prescription is expiring”

Using conversational words like “uh-oh,” keeping the subject line sentence lower case, and leaving out the period at the end, the subject line comes across as helpful and friendly — not as a company trying to upsell you.

In my next “Quick Tip”, find out how TIMING can be the reason for low email open rates!

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