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Your List is a House of Gold

If you treat your donors right, most of them give and give again. It’s a proven fact.

Over time, we’ve learned that there isn’t really anything magical about fundraising. That’s why your house list is the most important list you have. And it’s why it must be kept clean and up-to-date. Through your list you’re able to treat your donors like the most important people in the world-because they are. Furthermore, you should be adding information to the list as often as you receive it. This requires discipline, I know, but it’s well worth the effort. For example, if you just found out that one of your loyal $100 donors (4-5x a year) is a fishing enthusiast, that information should be noted in their profile in the database. There may be 15 or 100 others with the same interest.

Anyone of you out there giving to the School of Ichthyology? It could happen!

How about prospecting? We’re asked about this all the time. Purchasing a relevant direct mail list is an important way to bring in new people who might be interested in your mission, but it will not be your primary source of donations. It will, however, allow you to expand your donor base.

Always remember, though, that list you have that “houses” your donor records is always the primary source of your fundraising dollars.

What do you do to treat your donors like the most important people in the world.

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