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Why! The Only Question You Should Ask

Why do your donors support you? What is it about your organization that donors seem to like? What motivates them?

And, most importantly, what are you doing to gather this information? The best way to learn more about your donors is to talk to them. They do want to tell you how they feel.

Here’s a simple way Rescigno’s can help you learn more about your donors: on an index card inserted into a holiday mailing (or any mailing for that matter), ask this question: “I support xxx foundation because __________________.”

I promise you, when we’ve asked this question before the feedback has been extraordinary.

Some organizations even attached handwritten text to the index card. Page after page detailed all kinds of personal experiences. Some responses were very simple – a sentence or two – but no less compelling.

As professionals, we know there will be long-term gains in retention rates and total giving when deep, long-lasting relationships are cultivated with donors.

The best reward of all, though, is in treating your donor as you would a best friend.

Remember, to learn more about your donors, just ask them “WHY?”

Have you ever taken the time to ask your donors why they support you? Please share the interesting responses you’ve gotten back.

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