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Millennials Say ‘Tell Me a Story’

If you want to be more attractive to millennials, you need to tell them the right stories because they, more than any other group, support causes they feel a passion for.

It’s up to you to inspire and prove that their support can make a real difference in their lives as well as the lives of others.

You can, with just a little effort, prove you’re worthy of the support of millennials by finding and sharing stories about successful projects or the people your organization has been able to help. This is what I mean by the right stories–those that provide a real sense of the good work your organization does.

Why are millennials important? This group is established in the workforce, they have, by and large, some disposable income, and they tend to support causes that focus on individuals. In other words, stories of who has been helped and who can be helped by their support.

So, make it your mission to win millennials to your cause by gathering as many stories of those whose lives have been impacted or will be impacted by donor support and start storytelling in print and in person.

To borrow a phrase, you’ll be glad you did.

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