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First Impressions

A donor’s first impression of your organization is likely to affect his view of all subsequent communications. We’re talking welcoming packages here.

A cheap thank you, a postcard, or other impersonal letter may impress a few donors with its simplicity, but far more donors likely would be made to feel special if a carefully prepared, well-thought out communication underscoring how very important his financial support is was sent.

Personally, I’m convinced that most donors privately think you’re wasting money when you send fancy packages to other people but not when you spend money on them.

Donors are often skeptical about how their contributions are put to use anyway, so it’s your job to persuade them that their gifts accomplish more than merely raising additional money.

When you describe what you do in some detail and offer opportunities for members to contribute more than money, a series of welcome initiatives can drive home the message that your organization is hard working and cost effective.

This can be true even when an individual member may have no interest of any kind in contributing volunteer time or attending events.

What’s important is that the offer and the opportunities you present to donors contain important, engaging messages.

Do you do something special when you gain new donors? Is it tailored to the size of the gift? Please share.

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