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Your Best Donors Want to Know

One of the perks of doing feasibility studies is being able to talk with mid to high-level donors about their wants, needs, desires, and perceptions of the organizations they support. According to many of the donors we’ve been speaking with over the last couple of years, increasingly, they tell us they want more information about the following:

  1. The impact the organization in the community;

  2. Success stories;

  3. More details about the organization;

  4. Information that illustrates financial accountability.

To us, it’s clear that donors want, maybe even need, to know more about what you’re doing and how your work is impacting the cause they have invested in. They tell us they really want to see that their donations are actually making a difference (infographic or video anyone?) and they really like hearing about this information through success stories of the real people who have been helped.

You can increase your donor’s loyalty even more by showing them just how much more of an impact their support and donations can have over time—in other words, a long-term commitment to making a difference.

A final point: you also should aim toward keeping in touch regularly with consistent communications. To increase donor loyalty, it’s vital to stay top of mind by reaching out to your supporters in one strategic way or another every couple of months.

Any tips or suggestions of a communication type that particularly satisfies your donors’ need to know?

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