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Letting Donors Know Where Their Money Went

This week we present the 3rd installment of a weekly series we’ve been doing on Maintaining Relationships with Donors.

We know (because donors tell us so) that donors really do want to know where their money is going. You can and should share this information in a variety of ways so you reach as many donors as possible. Don’t keep it a secret!

Here are a few ideas on how to share:

  • In an email blast include specifics as to how donations are being spent

  • Post donation details on Facebook and Twitter

  • Update relevant information on your website

  • Do a periodic blog post on this topic

  • Send a personalized email directly from a staff member saying what a donation has enabled your organization to do

The key? Be specific. Make sure your donors know the impact a specific amount of money can have (and is having) in your community.

This idea of sharing specifics is very beneficial as you work to develop relationships with your donors. Believe it or not, the more specific you are in your “reporting back,” the more likely your donor is to give again.

And there’s the added benefit that the more you share, the more transparent you will be to your donors, thus increasing their likelihood to support you in the future. Common sense, right?

The other side of that issue should also encourage you to be transparent and share results with your donors. Keeping specific information from your donors on how you spend their money will most likely result in a donor deciding to reduce or stop giving to your organization.

It’s pretty simple really. If donors know what impact their donation is having, they’re far more likely to continue providing financial support in the future.

Please share your success stories on how “reporting back" to your donors led to greater donor investment.

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