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So Easy and So Effective

You probably received a donation from someone today. Why not pick up the phone and give that person a call? Chances are your donor will be thrilled, and you’ll feel great for having made his day!

Why is this important? Well, mostly because fundraising shouldn’t be all about mass volume campaigns and struggling to get to the hallowed goal. Sometimes (maybe even more often than you think) you can get yourself a partner for life through a 60-second phone call.

And, yes, I’m a strong believer in making “thank you” calls to donors…regardless of the size of the gift. The personal touch can be so impactful.

If you have volunteers make some of the calls, watch for the reaction that takes place between the volunteer and the donor. Often, it’s amazing! Donors are surprised that the call isn’t to ask for more money, but instead to show appreciation for letting them know how their dollars made a difference in people’s lives.

At the same time, volunteers felt really good about making phone calls that were almost always so well received AND they loved being thanked by the donors – simply for being volunteers. A win-win for everyone!

Here’s the best part: having volunteers who made the original thank you calls come back to make fundraising calls on those same donors usually results in increased donor retention and increased average gift levels.

What’s your experience been with volunteers making thank you phone calls? Please share with our readers.

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