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Help Donors Be Greedy

Recent statistics show that nonprofits retain only about 27% of first time donors. That means that for nearly 3 of every 4 people who donate to your organization there’s never a “next time.”

There are questions to be asked…and answered:

  • What turned them off?

  • What can be done to increase retention?

  • How can I strengthen my organization’s relationship with donors?

Losing a donor is bad enough, but when you consider the cost of that lost donor and the expense involved in acquiring a new one, it’s just sad.

Here’s a suggestion: imagine donors asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” to you in response to any communication you share with them.

We’re not talking about giveaways here. We’re talking much more about the intangible value of the information you share with them and it’s a great way of strengthening a relationship.

So feed the greed! Your donors need to know how they’re helping to impact the world (at least their little corner of it) so appeal to their humanity, feed them the information they desperately need in order to continue to support your cause.

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