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Where to Find Some Magic

If you’ve ever experienced a change in a donor’s behavior from small yearly gifts to something more than that, you can probably thank donor analytics for helping you pinpoint almost exactly when that change in behavior happens.

For example, a social service organization invested in donor analytics with us recently and, lo and behold, they discovered that when loyal donors who had been giving smaller-sized gifts stopped giving, it didn’t always mean that they had lost that particular donor. In fact, it turns out that those donors were seriously considering bequests.

When you turn your attention to finding people who fit the profile just described, I know from experience that, more often than not, you will find new candidates for specialized bequest communications. The social service organization described above, tripled their bequests in one year! You read that right, tripled!!

If you were to invest in data analytics would the results be the same for you? While it’s not something Rescigno’s can guarantee, you are very likely to improve your fundraising results.

As we always say, there is an investment involved. But that investment very quickly pays for itself after a couple of bequests have been made.

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